29.8.2005 23:23:00 why do i already know it will not translate to english! 
It's so simple theory, so you'll need any explanation - all basic principles results just from illustrations and links given there - it means no math, no postulates - just a geometry.

For demo: the relativistic light speed limit principle, twins paradox exhibits a wave nature of space.



Length contraction

User posted image

Origin of the universe based on the model of the supercritic pressure condensation, etc...

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If you have question, put the question in the forum linked above, please. Here's no answer for your questions, really.
 30.8.2005 18:14:00 Interesting thing....I know Einstein had been searching for it for over 40 years...What does: "..neutrina se totiž vyskytují jen v levotočivém provedení" mean anyway  
Well, it means exactly "the neutrinas exists just only in left-handed helicity" in English....

The explanation is as simple as simple the neutrinos really are - the level of it's convolution of dimension doesn't enable to exhibit the different lepton charge and parity by the independent way - in contrast to other leptons...

The special name of vortex collider is truly unknown for me... ;-) But I suppose, you'll be interested about the live MPEG animation from this experiment, which is unique even from the hydromechanical point_of_view, not particle physics only.

On this page you can found another interesting videos and other stuffs. If you want the better understand the particle behavior, I am recommending the other vortex videos on internet, like this one..

Maybe Einstein at the very end of his life have founded this or similar solution too - some stories goes the round, after all...
 30.8.2005 19:26:00 Cool graphics. How many dimensions does the universe have under this theory? 10? 11? 
briefly: 1+2+3+6=12

Each convolution of the primary supergravity interaction generates a new additive set of dimensions with it's own time dimension on the principle of liquid surface forming during condensation of supercritical vapor. The number of six is most stable on the principle of minimization the action quantity (the natural unit of it's is generally known as Planck constant).

This criterion could be easily understood as the infimum of free energy spreading across the hypersphere - it's surface/radius ratio exhibits a minimum for the n = 6. This is the reason of relative stability of vaccuo, which is 6-dimensional too. The fermionic particles are formed by the a higher dimension number (9 - 12) regions of compactified space - which are ressembling the QL/M-theory dualities.

But the dimension number accessible for derived interactions and it's combinations is trully countless. E.g., the water forms the two-dimensional space (formed by the combination EMG+gravity) hidding the lower dimension underwater systems of sound/EMG/(super)gravity waves, which is unaccesible for the surface waves, and such of this is totally hidden - unacessible for the surface waves.

The very similar topological relationship exists between a lower dimensions of vacuo and our specetime. The common water surface is the key for the understanding of it's mutual interactions.

From this point of view, the vacuum space is the same massive system for our spacetime, as the underwater for the water table is - includin' it's Brownian motion, which results the commonly known quantum effects, like Heissenberg principle of uncertainty.
 31.8.2005 9:41:00 So, Zephir, are you sugesting that we already found the Mother of All Theoryes? That with this theory you can explain ALL PHENOMENA in the universe??? 
Not of all, actually. Some newest theories (in fact, a lot of them...) are apparently mistaken... cool.gif And there is a lot of work to do on the background of math, of course.

But this model explains both relativity theory, both quantum theory and explains, how these teories are connected together. Explains the mutual positions of string theories, twistor and Quantum Loop Gravity theories too.

The basic idea is incredibly simple though: the ether really exists as massive environment, but it's position with respect to light waves correspond a relation of surface waves to water mass - not underwater sonic waves! This small misunderstanding at the end of the 19th century caused the theory of ether was underestimated flagrantly. Nevertheless, the mainstream theories was using the set ad hoc postulates, which are fortunatelly quite correct - so ether confessors had no chances of survival. Their concept of ether wasn't correct and not corresponding to the results of Michellson-Morley experiment, as an example.

At least, the model presented explains a 2nd Einstein postulate (i.e. invariant speed of light), which is presented in STR ad hoc (on the experimental background of 160+ years old Maxwell equations set). Be honest, I've heard a lot of about modern theories, but none of them deals with this really crucial fact. It is evident, that they're all ignoring some of most basic principle. Even the probably most advanced M-theory doesn't clearly explain this postulate for me - although is very close of my model. It's a bit strange, isn't it?
 31.8.2005 10:30:00 So, Zephir, are you sugesting that we already found the Mother of All Theoryes? That with this theory you can explain ALL PHENOMENA in the universe???  
Not just all phenomena, but their evolution and evolution of it's principles too. The laws of physic undergoes the same evolution, as their subjects, too.

It's simply understandable using a human society evolution as an example. When the Earth was occupied by the asocial individuals only, no rules for their interaction were exist too. But as soon as first social groups was formed, the difficult social rules was begin to evolve too. It means, the certain density of information in population have started to create a new quality with it's own new set of laws! On the same principle, the critical density of matter have created a new spacetime metric during the inflation process as a direct analogy of the information evolution. This critical density was naturall zero on the start of universe, so theory explains, why and how the universe has evolved fresh from zero.

By the way, the universe doesn't simply expand according the theory presented - but gradually increases it's energy density (which is nearly undistinguishable from the inner observer point of view, of course). I don't know, if you believe inflation model - but this theory very easily explain this as the matter/energy density collapse analogous to star formation. Furthermore, by using a direct physical analogy it explains simply both the dark matter, both dark energy effects, observable in the universe, etc.